dr blue and the prescription


by day a mild mannered bloke who loves a pint of guiness, at night mike mckeon morphs in to the dynamic and multi talented dr blue. his super powers include singing, playing harmonica, rhythm guitar and slide guitar, and also writing all the lyrics and music for this album.

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sameena zehra, co-writer and backing vocals

dave 'the guitar' piggot, lead guitar

pete abernethy, drums

the irish prescription playing at the castle bar blues festival june 2007

55 bar, camden, mike & sameena, oct 2007

the prescription at 55 bar, camden oct 2007

55 bar, camden oct 2007

mike 'dr blue' in the studio

dr blue on harp

mike and sameena at the royal sovereign

Pete Feldon on Bass

alison chadwick
backing vocals

dave piggott
charlotte street blues

dave and sameena at charlotte street blues