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Cyborg Trance are the Masters of the Universe, they have just finished recording their third CD, Android Anti Hero - but before that is released we need to sell some stock from our previous releases, Ether Dreams and Cyborg Twin.
Cyborg Trance will bombard you with their repertoire, like an arsenal

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News - Updated 25/5/2007

FRANK SIDDARTA launches a solo career.

Trumpet player from Cyborg Trance, Frank Siddarta has announced his intention to persue a solo career.
Undaunted by the increasing success of Cyborg Trance, Frank said, "I just want to sing: but I don't get much of a chance to do that playing with the band with a trumpet in my mouth. Now I am the singer - and I can call the shots."

Look out for Frank's forthcoming release at arkade.