Queen Anne's Revenge.

A piratical vessel crewed by a loose coalition of greed, avarice and murder, with a few laughs along the way.

Operated under license from the Watercolour Music Steamboat Company. est 1994

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News - Updated 23/5/2007

Watercolour Music has been celebrating an international success at this year's Celtic Media Festival. Mary Ann was awarded the prestigious ‘Radio Presenter of the Year' at the festival, which was held this year on the Isle of Skye. The centrepiece of Mary Ann's award-winning portfolio was Watercolour Music's first-ever independent radio production, ‘Togaibh I!' for BBC Radio nan Gaidheal.

Watercolour's first TV co-production has also gotten underway, working with fellow indies, Eyeline Media. The documentary for the new Gaelic digital channel focuses on seann-nòs singer Donnie Murdo MacLeod's understated but inspiring contribution to a revolution in education in Botswana.

Mary Ann's band, Cliar, is taking a long break after a decade of making ‘one of the most beautiful sounds in 21st Century Scotland '. Although they will not be gigging regularly, it's hoped the band will still get together occasionally for special projects and performances.

Mary Ann is however busier than ever, writing and performing. Following their debut at Celtic Connections this year, Mary Ann joins old-time American fiddler, Bruce Molsky, for part of his UK tour in April and May. Dates include Glasgow , Edinburgh , Inverness, Resolis, Balmaclellan and Stirling with radio sessions for BBC Radio Scotland 's ‘Highland Café' and ‘Travelling Folk'.

She's also just finished an 8-minute commission - ‘Tràighean' - for the Sorley MacLean Trust. The work for tenor, piano and fiddle will be performed throughout the Highlands in June as part of a major musical celebration of Sorley's work. James Graham and Gordon Gunn will be the guest musicians.

Nick and Findlay have written and recorded a new school song for Findlay's old school - Grantown Primary. The band is to feature in session on Radio Scotland on Weds 2nd May.

In The Studio: Margaret Stewart has started her solo CD (Greentrax Recordings), and we are continuing work on completing two more albums for Skye based label Macmeanm