Togmor are a UK based 6 peice band originating from Buckinghamshire. Formed in 1988 the band are loosely described as Celtic Folk Rock and take their influences from a diversity of musical genres.

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AlbumThe Flip Side - Album
2004 Studio Album [$6.30]
AlbumSmile at the sun - EP
A true taster of the 2004 album - Flip Side. The best in tunes, ballads and rock. Contains: The Flip Side, Diamond and Jo (all of which can be previewed on this site) [$1.50]
The Flip Side
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
Title track from the 2004 album [$0.75]
Rocky as it gets!! - Classic from the pen of Alick Lickorish and Togmor [$0.75]
Haunting ballad from the 2004 Flipside album [$0.75]
Westbury Skank
Maycart March
Something from the Moprris Tradition [$0.75]
10 Pound Float
Bows of London
Boys of Summer
Acoustic Version of the west coast 80's classic featuring Guest Sue Gray on vocals. [$0.75]
The Road