Tee-n-Tee has two diferent styles of music he works with.
one style is Clubbin Type Hip Hop and the other style is Spanish songs.
Tee-n-Tee's single Dance, Dance Dance is currently on the billboard

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Track Credits

The Following People are to be thanked for the Music that you listen to and purchase on this site.

My Wife Tammy for dealing with it
The Crazy MC
Greg Vorghn
John Barrit
Mia and J-9 in Back up
Sharon and Shanon
Mike Hooks and Bill Reed
My Momma
Thomas Mcgee and TMG
and last but most important, GOD

Track Name: Dance Dance Dance

Track Name: Tan Bella

Track Name: Me dijiste Adios

Track Name: Besame

Track Name: El Altar Del Amor

Track Name: Motorcycle

Track Name: My Best Freinds Sister

Track Name: Party in My Planet

Track Name: Partry People

Track Name: Married Women

Track Name: Danger Times

Track Name: United Raza

Track Name: El Corrido De Juan Rio