Northampton trio The Idiot Boy are Anthony Jewell, James Neville and Owen Mclean-Kerr.

Formed in early 2003 they have played such legendary stages as, The Jericho (Oxford), The Fleece (Bristol), H

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News - Updated 4/8/2005

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Living next door to a funeral parlor means The Idiot Boy drummer Owen McLean Kerr can practice all day long without fear of disturbing the neighbors but The Idiot Boy’s debut album ‘Sixes’ is LOUD enough to wake the dead from their slumber.

‘Sixes’ was produced by Max Read (The Departure, Do Me Bad Things) at The Lodge, Northampton, and was recorded on the same desk (previously installed at Battery Studios, London) used by The Sex Pistols for ‘Never Mind The Bollocks…’. It’s clear some of the Pistols’ energy has rubbed off on The Idiot Boy: guitarist / singer Anthony Jewell’s choppy, frenetic guitar work, and emotive, raw vocals are bolstered by bassist James Neville, and topped off by Owen’s dynamic drumming. The result is a raw and passionate, rock record influenced by Green Day, Nirvana, The Pixies, and Smashing Pumpkins to name but four.

What of the songs? ’Staggered’ is a Saturday night anthem complete with a twisted chorus: ‘She’s got a tattoo on her wrist / Says my father’s 666 / The kinda girl who’ll give you fits / Hope she lines me up for the perfect hit.’ Then there‘s the fast ‘n‘ furious punk rock of ‘My Desire’ plus the sweeping, six minute ‘The Acid Test’ which wouldn’t sound out of place sound tracking motorsport complete with a lush ’Siamese Dream’ style outro.

These are but mere highlights of a top notch 12 track debut which has attracted early interest from several major labels plus local support in the shape of BBC Radio Northampton’s ‘Weekender’ show, who are big Idiot Boy fans. So too are the show’s listeners who have voted two songs top of the show’s monthly chart.

The Idiot Boy are steadily picking up new fans thanks to support slots with King Adora, Xavier Floyd Firebird, and a forthcoming date with Kasabian at Rockingham Speedway (home to British NASCAR racing) will be a huge platform for the boys. Having played