Stephen Laycock


The title "Dropped In" comes from my sky diving experience 13,500 feet above the Arizona desert.

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News - Updated 21/11/2006

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE THE SONG "TELL ME WHY?" This song came to me after watching the morning news. This particular day of events troubled me, as a man had walk into a school in the Amish region of Pennsylvania, held students hostage and shot them to death. "I was in shock... can not understand why our so called evolved humans choose to be so violent."
HAVE YOU PLAYED LIVE? "Yes. I have played locations in Los Angeles, California and Arizona. My last tour within the USA, featured locations in New England, and Florida. Last summer, I toured England, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, and France.
WHAT IS YOUR BAND NAME ALL ABOUT? "I am a solo artist. For the moment, I use my own name, Stephen Laycock or Justin Willee Brown, as this is less complicated for me as a new artist. Sort of like Justin Timberlake's character, "Slim Shady." My name has an origin from the town "Laycock" of Yorkshire, England, before roman times. The name also appears in Lacock Abbey near Chippenham, England and as a member of the Rattrey Clan, Scotland. I feel a good old English name suits my music style. I have visited each region and stayed in the Rattrey Castle. Wow! What a charming place nestle above a river gorge.
WHAT GENRE? Adult contemporary, blue, acoustic, and folk
WHAT MUSIC ARTIST HAS INFLUENCED YOU? "The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Moby, Macy Gray, Bonnie Ratt, David Gray (UK), Jason Mraz, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, and Van Morrison have given me a sense of mood, message, and purpose. My next album may be dance, techno-trance. Ha-ha! LOL!"
WHAT IS THE ALBUM NAME ALL ABOUT? The title "Dropped In" comes from my sky diving experience 13,500 feet above the Arizona desert. "This act of faith reminds me of when we are born, we are "dropped in" to our world, a world as it is at that very moment. It is up to each of us do what we can with where we land in life." This album introduces, "Justin Willee Brown."