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Nothing is impossible to a willing heart
The only limitations are the doubts that lye within. There’s no need to compete against one another for recognition, what we need is to combine our dreams, wishes and our ambitions so that we may become as one.

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News - Updated 21/4/2006

2000/2001 PEOPLESOUND NEWS REVIEW U/K: 2001 ADULT POP SECTION - Sissy's voice Seemingly utilizes a similar blueprint to that of the Pointer sisters et al, T.Roze&Co.s songs appear to be rooted in the world of R&B yet Display a healthy penchant for sophisticated pop. Also,both Cry Baby Cry and Temptation showcase a deep,seductive & soul-imbued female vocal that is deserving of only the finest musical accompaniments.Dick.B

NEWS.NL SPITS MAGAZINE( - MEI 2001-11-18 - OUTLOUD REVIEW NETHERLANDS ( Afspelen Featured Artist T.Roze & Co.Lekkere R&B met een avangardische pop inslag van een duo in Amsterdam - verblijvende wereldreizigers. De Canadese zangeres Sissy Vincent maakt indruk met haar diepe karakter- en soulvolle, Cry Baby Cry.

FOOTLOOSE WITH JOHN MARTIN - The Entertainer, Costa Del Sol.Edition-March-April 1997-T.Roze & CO. ROCK ON!-IN THE
SUMMER OF 1997 Sissy & Neil returned to Marbella Spain to help organize a Fiesta in order to raise money for the Lions
Handicapped children's fund in Los Arcos Puebla, M.I.T.V. were also there to film the entire event.

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