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Sharp Practise are a classic rock band but not an over the top screaming yelling rock n' roll monster, this is the sound of a band who like to keep things quiet and wouldn't say no to an acoustic set,

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News - Updated 16/1/2006

Sharp Practise, a classic rock band from the United Kingdom, has released their brand new album “Radiocity”. Sharp Practise started in 1999. Debut album Hiya was released in 2000 to good reviews, leading to appearance on Ground Zero TV in Australia, playlisting around the world and an audience in Costa Rica of one third of the country’s population. One song from “Hiya” was featured on a DVD by Japanese TV star Chieko Mitsui, another on the “Rock For Athletes” CD produced for Italian sportswear company Fila. The band’s British tour in 2005 was highlighted by an appearance at The Cavern Club, Liverpool. “Radiocity” is available worldwide, with songs from the CD previewed via already winning Track of The Day and Listener’s Picks awards.

“We are a rock band that can play with influences from folk to dance yet still create a sound that is recognized as Sharp Practise and no other band,” frontman Nigel Clothier says. “We’re fighting a crusade to get well-played, proper songs back into the charts around the world. I want to have written as many standards as Neil Finn of Crowded House – songs that fix moments in people’s memories. I’d like to be signing loads of autographs because people have recognized Sharp Practise as being a hard-working band with honest songs.”

“Radiocity” is essentially an album about travel - in both the literal and emotional sense – and is a pure delight in a music world where style is often preferable to substance and should go down well with fans of the Counting Crows and Big Country and many others. “We trying to put some good playing together with some strong words and picking up on things from everyday life as if we were peeking into your diary and singing your life back to you,” Nigel says.