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Love I Cant Survive
I took this to the band and they didn't like it. Then I wanted to record it and Selina was going to add some piano, when I heard what she'd done I just wanted to make it a piano track. I'm so proud of the lyrics and the tune. [$0.95]
This is great production and mixing(Grim!) I love the style of this and the vocal. [$0.95]
took this to the band too, it was too soft for them. I love it. [$0.95]
Be Mine Again
I had bought a new acoustic guitar and wanted to try it out, so I wrote this song at the studio in 10 minutes and recorded it. I love it. Rennee(from Big River Band) is doing backing with Mark Breese - [$0.95]
This is an oldie but I love the laid back feel and the guitar solo. I'm gonna re-do it with the response collective [$0.95]
I'm so proud of the production on this, I really learnt "less is more" with this song, originally there were 8 guitar layers and I stripped it right back. Clare was going to sing it but it didn't suit her so I sampled just a bit. [$0.95]
God Wont Help
I got in trouble over this one, but I love the lyrics to this day. Also awesome solo with the wah wah! [$0.95]
I did this for the old Fuse album. Credit goes to Scott Otway and Barry White(no not that one!) for helping write this when we were jamming a long time ago. [$0.95]
Songs - Some old some new [$6.30]
Shaded In Grey
I did this ages ago, its one of the first songs I did on my own. I love the classical guitar solos. It was all fiction but weird that years later the story came true in the end for me...sort of ;) [$0.95]