Robert Walker


"One for the road" is Robert Walkers debut-cd. It´s instrumental guitar music, with "ear catching" melodies combined with a crisp and clear production.

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One for the road
It´s an instrumental guitar tune with an "ear catching" riff. Imagine you´re driving in your car and there´s nothing but you and the endless road.
Free [$0.00]
A guitar instrumental tune, with a somber melodie. Somehow melancholic.... it´s been that night at 21 June 2005 I´ll always remember. [$0.75]
dolphins day
It´s a harder melodic instrumental tune. Sometimes when I´m at the ocean (sailing) I see those dolphins. Last summer there where plenty of them in the mediterrian sea near turkey. So I wrote that melody for those dolphins. But I´m really not sure wether you can associate the same that I do. [$0.75]