Raoul McLay


The five songs presented here make up an ep titled Feels Like Home. It is a fresh and innovative journey into a world of positive and melodic tunes which are like a breath of fresh air. These songs are played on acoustic guitar with bass and drum backing.

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Sweet Lady Anne
Arkade Users' Rating: 3
This song is about a French girl named Anne whom I met in London whilst there on holidays. It's all true!
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Jimmy Sunshine
Arkade Users' Rating: 2
When I was a teenager attending High School there was a busker who used to busk on the street nearby. He called himself Jimmy Sunshine. I thought "what a great name for a song!"
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Friday Night
There is nothing much I can say about this song except that it conveys a feeling of joy and excitement. We had fun recording it and I think it shows.
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Girl In The Supermarket
I find it impossible to write about things that I haven't experienced. Once again, everything in this song really happened.
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Bridge Road Belle
There is a fast food restaurant up the road from where I live and an attractive young lady works there. This song is about her.
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