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3 tunes from our new CD called The RRJ Band featuring Pat Powell
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News - Updated 8/12/2006

How It Is.
As a seasoned musician, I have traveled to various places around the world playing jazz in the traditional style. The audience for this style of music is probably the oldest audience in the world, with the prospect of no new members joining it.
I have become computer literate in the last two years, mainly because it is a tool that enabled me to do art work and editing for old tapes of various bands that I have worked with over the years and wanted to bring out on CD. I think it just as well that I did learn the computer as it seems that the internet has taken over the music world. This in its self posses a few problems. On the internet today there are plenty of music sites that download music for free, the music is uploaded from people like me who write and record their own material, at their own expense in the hope that somebody might like it and buy a CD. Usually we hope that they would buy it from our web site.
We use these music web sites to promote our music and they use us in the hope of bringing more people to their site. They make money from advertisers and membership packages also from encouraging contributors to pay into promotional packages. They don’t lose, but if the person uploading the music allows them to download it for free he has no hope of making any money. I don’t think the people downloading on to ipods etc, would care about the poor quality of the sound as they generally would not know the difference. Once the music is downloaded hundreds of copies are easily made.
I note that over 60% of music today is computer generated having minimal human input, I might add that it sounds like it too, being absolutely soulless, it being like the DJ thing, the nerds have inherited the earth.
I find that the music web sites want to attract as much of a following as they can and will upload anything that is submitted, so most of the so called music is computer generated being mind numbing crap or Rap. I know that this is a fas