Contact P3X at southsiderp3x@yahoo.com for booking (stateside and international). Check out his official myspace site www.myspace.com/p3xfans and order entire albums there also. Also find P3X at www.s

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News - Updated 14/11/2006

P3X is an established rap artist in the dirty south. His journey thru trailer parks and projects, the streets and gutta of south Louisiana and Texas have forged him into a reckoning force in the Hip-Hop and Rap market.
His debut mixtape release "$DOMINOLLOGY$ Traila Parks and Projects" is currently sold out of hard copy, but is being offered now as a digital download for only $4.99 (US) and the digital release of his new release "Screendoors and Boxfans" is now available for digital download for only $6.99 (US). Both albums (and the DUA Compilation album, which is 25 tracks for only $9.99 (US), can be downloaded at www.myspace.com/p3xfans and www.soundclick.com/phreaktriplexakap3x
P3X is available for concert bookings and featured appearances worldwide. Contact management at southsiderp3x@yahoo.com