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Thanks to:

Computer Workstations, EmmA, Emily, Emmylou, AnnA, AmeliA...
Consoles: SisTA System....

Producer/Director/Writer: Nana
Video Credits:
Title: passOver Movie_animation preview

Title: Mary Jayne Yoo/NIRVANA

Title: First 5 minutes of Existence

Title: Spring!

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passOver Movie_animation preview Length: 9m 29s
passOver Movie_animation preview '....intro animation to movie 'passOver' by Stanley Alexander MARTIN/Nana baBa jaH-aYe after Cubist/Picasso SOLD: 2D aT 3D'

Mary Jayne Yoo/NIRVANA Length: 3m 26s
Mary Jayne Yoo/NIRVANA '....Too aT a space/Time/Mind Beyond: SOLD:'

Spring! Length: 5m 41s
Spring! ' animation:'

First 5 minutes of Existence Length: 5m 15s
First 5 minutes of Existence ' animation'