Mozydare are a fun packed Pop/Rock band that are undoubtedly refreshing, entertaining and open-minded in their approach to song writing, performing and dress sense!

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Star Quality
Arkade Users' Rating: 10
Star Quality is a Pop-Rock/Disco song that asks celebrities the question ‘How do you keep your teeth so clean?’ when the ones we read about in magazines lead such sordid lifestyles. Then again if they were too ‘normal’ we wouldn’t really be that interested. I wonder if most of it is made up!
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The Sun and The Moon
Arkade Users' Rating: 9
This is an up-tempo song comparing a romantic couple’s relationship to that of The Sun and The Moon. The chap is asking for his ladies love as he feels a little unnoticed, taken for granted and that they are millions of miles apart. It's what you might call a long distance relationship!
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Are You Talking to Me
Arkade Users' Rating: 6
Are You Talking to Me is a dramatic composition that is written from the perspective of someone with ADHD. The aim of the song is to explain some of the day to day difficulties experienced when trying to communicate to others in our rather hectic modern society.
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Arkade Users' Rating: 8
We have all experienced an evening that we didn't want to end and Sunset is about just that. The song starts with 'Where does the time go?' which sets the scene for a rather reflective and romantic mood. The upbeat Hip-Hop drum beat adds a sense of hope as all Sunsets are followed by a Sunrise.
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