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News - Updated 9/8/2006

Misams AKA Samantha Herelle the first lead  in this duo, fantastic temperament dedicated hard working in all goals.Elove met Misams four years ago formed the first group called Luscious but this did not work out,the other members lacked the ambition to succeed in the business as we know every basket full of rotten fruit.lurks a good one.Misams stayed as a solo for 8 months working on her vocals till MyGirls was formed.  Then a four girl group, this subsequently transformed into a two girl group and kindly graced with the presence, zeal, hard working ambitious Oriental Queen: Jadon, who with Misams emerged out of the four MyGirls, to the now My Girls duo.  This transition has been a blessing to Elove. Jadon AKA Jade On, a rock in this act, with her tenacious character, brings the final condiment to make My Girls the Perfect set.MyGirls Style of music is a combination of Eloves’ soul  R & B Hip Hop background to the Misams and Jadons’  influences from Diana Ross, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Destiny Child and Divas like Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker and many others .  MyGirls have over 40 shows performed under their belts and enjoy doing live work. Believe me, these girls are the ‘real deal’.Oh, I will not tell you what they look like; you make your own mind up visually or via Braille.