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Once apart of Retro.Grade.Orbit, Keef Caben is branching off into a state of blue tranquility with breaks and progressive trance with a little added hip-hop. KC did not stray to far from the core of R

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News - Updated 17/11/2006

In the Studio
For those who are still interested in what Keef Caben is doing here is a little update. KC is adding the final touches (final edits/mixdown)to Dealin Dubbs next album- Responsible Addict. The album should be out in early 2007. KC has also been in the studio, with Half of ETR Entertainment, to help produce his debut album coming out in late 2007.

Limitation : Seperation
Caben has also started a project with Dayton Cade called Limitation : Seperation. This will be a series of essential mixes from the duo that will feature such artist as Sasha, D:Fuse, and Cirrus. Limitation : Seperation will also include some original works from Caben and Cade.