J Edgar Hoova And The Body Removers


J Edgar Hoova & The Body Removers - "Take Yer Dead Ass Home EP"

3 tracks from the EP now available on ARKADE !

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News - Updated 2/2/2006

After several now-deleted underground classics, this is the first new worldwide release for five years from the legendary J Edgar Hoova & The Body Removers.

This EP contains the new single "Take Yer Dead Ass Home" and four rare live tracks recorded on the fabled "Wherever J Edgar Wants To Play, J Edgar Plays" tour during which J Edgar was banned from ever entering Canada again.

In J Edgars words, simply "The Best, Baddest Band In The World on patrol - to save the free world from the ememies of Rock & Roll ! Baby !"

"Kiss playing the Stooges on full blast, like the Nuge when he was lean, mean & still had Cat Scratch Fever and the Darkness wish they were" The Organ

"frankly ridiculous (if it wasn’t so fucking good)...a high charged sprint through the entire canon of Glam Rock, Ian Hunter jamming with Blue Cheer, or the Sweet hanging out with Klaus Dinger in a chemical plant" Incendiary Mag

"gritty garage rock of the very highest order...Not enough like this made nowadays" Metalliville