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Recorded at orchard cottage recording studio just outside of Cambridge "natural" has been Co produced with Tony Ginger and and engineered by Mick Venning "NATURAL" is set to be Jackie's most successful release yet featuring a wealth of musicians, that have not recorded with Jackie before, giving "NATURAL" and Jackie a new sound. recorded late 2005 through till February 2006 "natural" used a wealth of musicians to crate a unique sound.
a special thank you to all the wonderful musicians who lent their talents in making this cd: Kevin Van Dort (Drums), Dave Brooks (Drums), Pete scrivener (bass guitar) nick waldock (bass guitar), simon pergande (keyboards), charlotte pergande (backing vocals), mick venning (backing vocals), ian adamson (guitar),, vic the hat (harmonica), Tony ginger (guitar)

Track Name: Sugar Daddy

Composer: Tony Ginger/Jackie Barnett
Producer: Tony Ginger
Engineer: Mick Venning
Publisher: ginger/barnett
Label: Luckytown

Track Name: Loverboy