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News - Updated 25/11/2006

Razorwire EP Reviews.

”The title track resurrects the decaying corpse of Gene Vincent and props him with some oversized Tenpole Tudor rattling punk. Driving nihilism and satanic rock ‘n’ roll collide to make a brilliant pop record. There’s something altogether more Texas Chainsaw Massacre about “Gina.” Rickety gothic folk and a hundred-miles-an-hour Ozzy vocal from frontman Tim Stuart make for a hugely entertaining backwater horror show.
”“Mexican Standoff” offers more raw and rusted folk metal, this time enhanced by Ride-like swathes of noise and confusion and an endearingly world-weary Morrisseyesque vocal. Meanwhile “Degenerate Blues” is more of an out-and-out punker – all spitting lyrics, chiming guitar refrains and a general hatred of kittens, flowers and all things good and lovely.
”Then, out of the blue, it all goes a bit Pulp Fiction with the thunderous drums and contorted surf guitar of “23 Hz.” This instrumental closer butts heads with The Beach Boys and Sisters of Mercy with rapid-fire twangery, loopy synth effects and fast forward paranoia to feel like you’re watching a spy movie on speed."

“The title track, Razorwire is a brilliant little light punk rock song…..I wouldn’t say it’s strictly punk. There are some electronica sounds along with some dark blues riffs…the guitars should maybe be a little more pronounced, only because I love dark sounding twangy blues” (

“It's quite possible that the energetic rush, seasoned here with a bit of a goth sneer, will still have [an] aural crack effect on unsullied teenage ears. In which case you could be following them round the country in your mate's beat up old Metro before I can utter the words Mega-City Four. And who could blame you?” (

and even…“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear Mark Owen sing rockabilly? have I, but if that's the experience you're looking for then this is the stuff for you…..”