Fugitive From The Tune


Fugitive from the Tune are:

Phelim - Vocals, Guitar
Lemon - Guitar
Kinks - Bass, Vocals
Mark - Keyboards
Tommy - Drums, Vocals

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News - Updated 1/4/2006

Hey guys! The gigging has well and truly commenced! We've only played in windsor a few times so far, but there's a load more gigs coming up! Next one's in islington hope and anchor on april 18th, then maidenhead stripes bar april 28th, harrow trinity may 2nd, and reading face bar june 9th. And there's a load more places we're in the middle of organising dates with at the mo.
AND we've made our first music video! Keep checking out www.myspace.com/phelimsband, cos the video should be showing there soon! See you later!