"EL's voice is different alright, powerful and hauntingly beautiful combined with sultry whispers, passionate lyrics and music with an edge, varying melts of Dance, Alternative Pop, Rock, Techno, Elec

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Track Name: Forbidden Love (rm)

Composer: EL Gambardella - Melody and Lyrics AleX Westerberg - Music
Producer: AleX Westerberg with Influences from DJ Manic
Engineer: AleX Westerberg
Musicians: AleX Westerberg
Publisher: Bay Island Music (ASCAP)
Label: Bay Island Records, LLC

Track Name: Lets Dance

Composer: EL Gambardella
Producer: EL Gambardella
Musicians: EL Gambardella with Gary Potts on Guitar
Publisher: Bay Island Records, LLC
Label: Bay Island Records, LLC