Sometimes something new and exciting comes along and just continues to get better and better. This group out of Washington D.C. does just that.

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AlbumHardest Hitt
Here's an album worth paying for. 14 rump shaking, neck snapping tracks. all you need is the party. [$3.80]
Bust A Nigga
Arkade Users' Rating: 6
Tha streetz iz real....So iz dis shit [$0.25]
Think About It
Jus think about it........ [$0.25]
No Matta What
ben thair...dun dat... [$0.25]
Life and Legacy Remix
A hardhitting track featuring Kkay and Teknique. [$0.25]
I Got Yo Nigga
Arkade Users' Rating: 4
Lola say yo nigga ain't comin home tanite...she gon teach him to eat sushi... [$0.25]
Freak Me
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
Sexxxy Lola in tha club lookin 4 sum..... [$0.25]
So Much-So Little
So much to have,,, So little to hold... [$0.25]
Sunshine Life
Lookin 4 dat life......... [$0.25]
Stand Up
Recognize....... [$0.25]
Eye Spy
Itz a jungle out here... [$0.25]
Movin Up
Always sum hater tryin ta hold ya down..... [$0.25]
How Real Iz That
You spit fiction but itz jus a fact.......... [$0.25]
Kkay jus lettin ya'll know he hear... [$0.25]
Lady Love
props ta ma loyal thug gurl....she always dwn 4 me..... [$0.25]