Deirdre Leah Faegre


A published singer/songwriter at thirteen, the worldwide release of her infectiously innocent, 'Shining In My Hair,' appearing on an artist compilation CD from AudioSparx entitled, Female Pop - Volume One

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In My Eyes
Arkade Users' Rating: 10
With the first piano motif begins a ‘dialogue’ with my dad [on the outside] with his piano part answering. My recorded heartbeat from a sonogram is heard next in the intro as my arranger-producer dad wanted to convey the very special interest he had in my arrival even half-way through gestation by.. [$0.75]
Shining In My Hair
Arkade Users' Rating: 10
One day early in the month of September, 2005, I was doing cartwheels and handstands as usual when I started thinking about how great my life had been. And as I often would, started singing a song to go with what I was feeling and thinking about when I became aware of the song I was creating... [$0.75]