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Instruments played: Vox, GTRs, Bass, Keys, Drums, Percussion, Harmonica.
Songs Written: 200+
Songs Recorded: 15 ish
Started Writing Songs: 1993 (aged 12!)
Bands: Cupid's Dead Lizards, Charisma, Ca

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AlbumImagination - single
Upbeat future stadium rocker from Chris Penman File under classic rock and remember to place on every hard rock compilation.
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AlbumTorch The Sky - The Album
Debut album from Chris Penman. An eclectic mix of styles ranging from acoustic to electronic to folk to stadium rock. Kept to a simple 10 tracks, it follows the path of many 'classic albums' with it's varied instrumentation and experiments. A rarity so early on in a career for this much quality.
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