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AlbumDivide The Hate EP
The year 2006 marked the arrival of B.Casabianca to the Rock Scene, product of which is this EP, released in 2006 with only a few months of music on his shoulders. Now seasoned from all the touring years, B.C. plays all instruments and voices in this old material, which is in limited distribution.
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Album21 Reasons to Live
In 2007, the second feature CD from B. Casabianca saw the light of day. It started off as a rare EP, and ended as a full length cd for demo use. All instruments by the artist, self-produced, and for R.L. use for starters, and now finally online. Available electronically and in limited numbers.
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AlbumOverdriven EP
In 2008, the third feature from B. Casabianca saw the light of day, in the shape of an EP. This EP marks the style change and advance B.C. has had since the early days, now touching genres that weren´t considered before. Available in digital form, and limited CDs.
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