Butterfly Island


'Butterfly Island' is both a band and a collection of songs that link up to tell a series of musical stories.

"One day, I had a dream, a vision in my mind's eye..."

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News - Updated 9/2/2007

Butterfly Island

One day, I had a dream, a vision in my mind's eye of a place on an isolated unspoiled island
amongst dense trees and tropical green.
I saw a corridor along which thousands upon thousands of butterflies of all sizes and rich dense colours twisted and turned, dancing one with the other to form what looked like one large exquisite silk scarf, for mile upon
mile, from one end of the island to the other, permeating the trees and greenery wherever they went. Each butterfly was free to feed and fly as it wished and yet all moved together, circle upon circle, around and around,
creating such a rich tapestry of colour and texture, light and shade, partly shielded from the tropical sunlight, by the almost endless canopy of trees. Each small creature had it's own story, it's own life struggle as
it reached those few final days of absolute beauty, before fading into the trees and greenery for yet another to take it's place. So the cycle of life goes on and on, from generation to generation...