Atlas Fret


Bands are the tiniest societies.
--Jared Diamond

What happens when two high school history teachers run out of lesson plans? They pick up guitars and sing the history of the ancient and medieval worlds, of course.
The history of the world in 54 minutes of spinning digital technology.

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Red Shoes
The lyrics of "Red Shoes" are motivated by the idea that the job of emperor in the Byzantine Empire was a fairly dangerous occupation. Because of the lack of clearly defined succession laws, the emperor of the day probably walked around with the healthy dose of paranoia. The lyrical hook in the ch [$0.65]
Today’s tabloid starlots have nothing on Valeria Messalina. Third wife of Roman emperor Claudius, and a second cousin to him, Messalina was 18 when she married the 50-year-old ruler. The story had scandal written all over it. She quickly established a reputation for scheming, power-wielding, and che [$0.65]
This is one of those songs that kind of fell out onto the page nearly finished. The historic context of the song is the Heian Period of Japanese history. Considered the last period of classical Japanese history, it was a time of growing division between peasants and nobility, and a golden age for [$0.65]