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The heart and soul album, Length: 2m 53s
The heart and soul album, 'Amon-ra new Tshirt line big bang designs is officialy available with his new lalbum the heart and soul'

say what say what Length: 3m 13s
say what say what 'this is the conscious banger deicated to the masses all around the world'

people i got ya Length: 1m 29s
people i got ya 'amon-Ra spitting that fire from his first album the balance'

u i feel Length: 3m 54s
u i feel 'these cuts are dedicated to the ladies'

New York radio interview 2 Length: 5m 0s
New York radio interview 2 'you are looking at Amon-Ra at a New york radio show live on the air and live performance in miami'