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AlbumAdmit One - Volume 1
The best from Arkade. Fresh, new untapped music waiting to be discovered. From bands such as Fray and Emperorstate to solo artists like Mike Halliwell and Pete White. This collection focuses mainly on the indie, rock and acoustic genres, with a couple of more eclectic tracks too.
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Arkade Users' Rating: 7½
This is a great track to kick things off. Mixing indie with punk overtones, The Heys launch into a hook laden corker of a track. [$1.10]
Friction Makes Fire
A great guitar hook underlies a great vocal and great lyrics. Instantly familiar, a favourite here at Arkade. [$1.20]
Arkade Users' Rating: 7
Puggy are well known on the scene, and this an example of why. Quality production and musicianship and fantastic songs. [$0.90]
Give up
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
Acoustic songs don't come much better. A tender vocal that retains strength and integrity, one of the best tracks on the compilation. [$0.75]
Bitter (acoustic)
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
An acoustic track from hard rock experts Godplead show a different side to the band. An exquisite vocal with perfect guitar accompaniment. It's clear to see why they are creating a buzz in their native Nashville. [$0.65]
Good Enough To Eat
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
"Intelligent lyricism, laid back catchy tunes all wrapped up with idiosyncratic arragements. Those tiring of REM's MORness will find much to enjoy here" 7/10 Classic Rock" - Couldn't agree more. Well worth checking out. [$0.85]
Blind Date
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
A jazzy track that mixes different genres, this is a fresh new sound with the distinction of a simple make up of drums, piano, bass and vocal leading to a clean, uncluttered soundscape that works. [$1.25]
Sister Moon
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
The album "Songs For The 21st Century" is a blend of acoustic, funk, rap, jazz and dance. Quite a mix! This track is acoustic and keyboard led, with a catchy chorus and lush laidback feel. [$0.75]
Kickin Back
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
This laid back mix of quality pop, disco, funk and lounge will undoubtably go a long way to paving the way for Sungover. Getting support from many radio stations, you'll be hearing more from them soon. [$1.25]
Prozac - Ketamine - Sleeping Pills - Adrenalin
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
Described aptly as "high-octane chemical rock" Newvolution grab your attention straight away. Influenced by such huge artists as the Stone Roses and the Chemical Brothers, they produce something totally new that's built on energy and great production. [$0.95]
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
One of the hardest tracks on Admit One, Fray are grungy and riff laden. Lesson is no different. A great vocal helps this band generate a distinctive and memorable noise. [$1.15]
The Emptiness
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
Indie rock at it's finest. A charismatic band with great songs, and a huge amount of energy make this band one to be reckoned with. [$0.95]
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
Hailing from Paris, Idlewinter captivate with their lyrics, music and vocals. This indie folk rock band introduce a different flavour to the mix, adding an electic element. [$1.25]
Quietly In My Sleep
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
This live recording of Mike Halliwells emotive "Quietly In My Sleep" is something to behold. A perfect band complement Mikes incredible vocal range and quality. Influences such as Martin Grech and Jeff Buckley are not hard to spot, but these have been added to the sound rather than defining it. [$0.95]
Song For The Lonely
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
Recorded live at the Cellar Bar, this acoustic version of Song For The Lonely is amazing. Hear for yourself. By the way, there is currently an offer on this track on the artists micro site! [$0.90]
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
This hooky driving track is from former Nemesis band member Jared Green. Originally from South Africa, now based in London via Memphis and Nashville, Jared is proving to be one of the new, fresh and exciting talents in the UK. [$1.00]
Arkade Users' Rating: 10
Dave Green can be found gigging in the Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Greater Manchester areas of the UK. Upbeat, lively, fresh, a bit punky and even a bit country. A great blend of influences that create something new. Visit the artist microsite for a special offer! [$1.20]