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Landmarks In Music:

Performed acoustic set @ The Georgian Theatre 2002

Performed a Live set on ''Radio Cleveland'' with ''The-Strays'' February 2003

Supported ''The Bandits'' @ The Empire (boro) with ''The-Strays'' March 2003

Reached no.4 in the britpop charts with: The Riff Song/The-Strays (via online public voting system): 2004

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Played Live @ The Studio (Hartlepool) with ''The Trams'' 2005/06

Played Live @ Pigpen Festival with ''Stonedrifters'' 2007

Supported ''The Rascals'' @ The Empire with ''Stonedrifters'' 2007

Played Live acoustic set @ ''F**k The Fringe'' (fringe festival wkend) supporting ''The Amazing Spacefrogs'' 2007

Performed Live @ Georgian Theatre with ''Stonedrifters'' January 2008

Acoustic Tim's Myspace: 2 songs reached over 4,000 plays april 2008

Track Name: Champagne Girl

Track Name: Whats On The Inside

Track Name: All Alone Wonder Why

Track Name: My Star Will Shine