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Thank you for checking out this profile. Zoes bear single is to raise money for a very worth while charity: Zoes Place Baby Hospice

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'Zöe' in Greek means 'Gift of Life'

Zöe's Baby Hospice was a new project, it was unique, the first in the country specifically for babies with multiple special needs. Zöe in Greek means Gift of Life, an appropriate name for our non-denominational and multi-cultural Hospice, as all our babies come to Zöe's to live 'life' to the full. The babies that come through our doors have varying conditions, Multiple Special Needs. They are all very special, bringing with them joy, laughter, love, they are all individual's all little human beings. Each of our babies brings with them a new learning process for all of us and most importantly the gifts of humility, pride and admiration.

People cannot begin to understand what families undergo from that dreaded day when a Doctor confirms their worst fears. That there is something medically or physically wrong with their newborn baby is devastating and hard to comprehend. Happiness is stripped from them. All that is left is a feeling of nu