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What it do yall? This ya boii Yung Cayne know for the Mighty MT Productions. Im 18. I'm from Murfreesboro,TN n I make beats just for the fun of it but also to make cause its just the feel of soul. I freestyle, dance, and sing. I started making beats when I was 16. I started rapping/singing ever since I was about 15. When I was first into music, I was about 12yrs. of age. I grew up on listening to Montell Jordan, Mr. Biggs, R. Kelly, Usher, ect. Also, I'm a big fan of Rick James too. I love to dance. I started dancing ever since I was 10. I do halftimers now. I am a strong talented dancer. I'm a challenger when it comes to dancing. My beats, dancing, and singing/rapping will never sleep. If anyone need any beats, come holla atcha boy Yung Cayne. I'm out yall. 1!!!!!!!!!!!