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Yellowfella developed an interest in music at around age 12 when he began banging the ,dinning room, table with cutlery and found it made a tune he liked. Later when he attended church he watched the musicians especially the drummer, after the church ceremony he had a go on the drums and found he had a natural ability and talent. People around him were impressed and so began his love of music. He started as a drummer in the church choir, without the necessary help from any music instructor and later learnt to play the piano and guitar. At that time, the talented nature of music in him, could not be hidden; as whenever he had spare time he could be found where music was being implemented.

He is blessed with a soft toned voice, that is calming and perfect for gospel music. The words of his songs coupled with this amazing voice can only make the listener want more. He guides, helps and offers hope and thanks to God. He has perfected his music over the years to achieve the sound famili