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BUY IT www.cdbaby.com/warrenb
When was the last time you heard a song on the radio that sounded so good, you rushed to the record store to buy a copy for yourself? I'm giving you the chance to experience that feeling once MORE!
My name is Warren B., president and CEO of World Bound Entertainment, a record label that putting out new music on the map. I'm inviting you to spend a few minutes of your precious time on my main website
main website www.worldbound2k.com which features sizzling new track from my last album call Warren B. title Az Da World Turns that's in store right now and my new album that is call Da World Is Still Turning That's coming to the store soon,if you enjoy RAP, or the fusion of this type of music, we've got you covered!
Please give me a listen at www.myspace.com/worldebound and also http:cdbaby.com/warrenb pickup the cd... by the way be on the look out for the new single call she's a cutie, enjoy the new album.