2008 UPDATE.

Vendemmian, one of the UK's best known Trad Goth bands of the 90's have reformed to play shows in 2008.The new album "One More Time" will be released 20th Oct2008.Check myspace site for details.

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Vendemmian were formed at the end of 1992 after Mark and Dave left their previous band.

They became one of the UK's most prominent underground Gothic Rock bands of the 90's. They toured extensively throughout Europe as well as several USA shows.
n 1996 the band also organised and played the Sacrosanct Festival at London’s Astoria to coincide with the CD Single release ”Wake You Up”. The band then began work on their 6th CD "One Eye Open”

2008... Update
"So you thought that we had left you ? "- .... after much discussion it has been decided that Vendemmian is not finished. Mark & Dave will be doing a series of shows in 2008. The new album "One More Time" will be released on 20th Oct2008.