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Sizzle "The Awakening" coming January 9, 2007 can be yours for only $6. You can order the cd straight through me, or from these 2 main sites www.cdbaby.com and www.amazon.com.

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The album "The Awakening" by Sizzle will be released January 9, 2007. The album containing 20 tracks and 2 bonus tracks is a story based on the life lived by Sizzle. Produced by Danger Dan, Tractor, and Sizzle, the hard work put into this album is well worth it. The single "Bitch Girl" caught many people around the internet by suprise. People wonder who is Sizzle? Pick up the album January 9, 2007 and you will see. If your record store does not carry the album , hit me up and I'll contact them and get it in the store for you. $6 is a good price for quality music on a different level. I've been inspired by many artists over the years from Elvis to Kid Rock, from Master P to Johnny Cash. When you listen to my music, you will hear a little bit of everything. I didn't wanna make music like everyone else. I was tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. I want something fresh for my people, for my fans. I want my songs to make you think. I want you saying "Yea, that's true."