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We are uncle lou's music band, playing for you directly from the 9 layer lasagna that is our big man's home (I'm talking about hell). The story for the band is very complicated, therefore I will try to clear it up some.

Uncle Lou's started when two jackasses from Missouri decided to start a band. Those two jackasses were very soon after run over by a lobster wagon and sent to the afore mentioned lasgna hell. When we arrived at hell Satan confronted us, trying to introduce several spiked and pointy objects into our anatomy, to which we exclaimed "no way man!"

He challenged us in a game of chess to which we lost, then he challenged us to a game of checkers, to which we lost, then we played chess again and came to a stalemate that was decided in a rock, paper, scissors match to end all rock, paper, scissors matches. which we lost.

Instead of torturing us, he decided we could return to earth, bringing forth the music that hell hath wrought. We are Uncle Lou's Music Band.