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Trevor started playing in the mid 1960's with Blacksies Babies and sometimes found himself playing with two or three different bands in any one week, things were very busy then! After a time playing with Chain he joined Blackfeather, then Fingerprint. Joining up with Lobby Loyde and forming the Coloured Balls was a great challenge and experience. The Coloured balls were the high-energy live band of the early seventies and produced some unique recordings. Trevor has always searched for that elusive combination, where all the elements are right so the music can only be great. After the Coloured Balls, there were gigs with many bands, Full Boar, Buster Brown, Cold Chisel, Clawed Rains, Intruders, one night stand and many more. Most recently Trevor has been playing with Lobby and the Coloured Balls, for the Long Way To the top Tour. Trevor is still playing around with anyone game enough to ask him. Trevor has always played for the love of it, and will always play for the love of music...