Keep an eye out for the Angel VLGM remix coming very soon.

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As the ever-expanding dance market is seeing constant evolution in the house scene, here enters Transluzent!

Transluzents music is totally experimental and pushes the boundaries to the outer limits. Using both electronic and analogue sources Transluzent have already had numerous appearances in the UK Breakers Chart crossing over to the UK Club Top 40 with their own productions as well as a number of hit remixes to boot!

Often featuring vocal performances from artists signed to Ark Records, Transluzents influences vary from the early godfather of disco Giorgio Moroder, right through to today’s legends Massive Attack. Encompassing this progressive thinking and minimal appearances round the world, this outfit will surely leave you dancing in the dark.

A remix version of Transluzents "Blame" which featured as the title track of the blockbuster movie "Stormbreaker," is being added to a number of stations in the pre release marketing.

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Title:  Angel VLGM Remix
Created: Wednesday 15 June 08:18
Last Updated: Wednesday 15 June 08:18
Category:  General
Summary:This is now getting airplay, be sure to let us know if you hear it.

Title:  Tranluzent are looking for an Ambient BeatMeister
Created: Wednesday 04 July 12:26
Last Updated: Wednesday 04 July 12:28
Category:  Recording
Summary:Good at  creating  beats / grooves from ambient / urban noise? Get in touch.

Title:  Maidenhead on Tuesday 12th December
Created: Thursday 07 December 17:25
Last Updated: Thursday 07 December 17:42
Category:  Appearances
Summary:If you want a free pre release copy of the new much awaited Transluzent epic, find us in Maidenhead

Title:  House Party
Created: Tuesday 05 December 18:50
Last Updated: Thursday 07 December 17:40
Category:  Live Shows
Summary:Thanks for making it!

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