Band Members:
Mosh-Voices, Damien Byrne-Guitars, Martyr-Bass Guitars, Shitz-Drums, DJ Seed- Digital Sampling

InstraMENTAL (early) 2004

Questions (internet exclusive) (2005)

Sunday School Fuck-ups Vol. 1 (2006)

From Shallow Graves We Rise (2007)

The Pain Involved (2008)

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Perhaps no other band in the realm of underground music has proven themselves more promising or inventive than the cataclysmic TourniKueT. With a sound that transcends genres, TourniKueT has shown their influences and have created a style all their own. Their music described as "Trip Metal" contains elements of industrial rock to all out metal. TourniKueT consecutively has exemplified the dark natures of humanity and amplifies all that is unholy.