The Unchosen


Debut Album "In My Head" available on Casket Records.

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The Unchosen are an established, experienced and exciting rock act, blending fierce nu-metal guitar riffs with classic rock overtones and melodic vocal. Their persistent efforts to push their sound into the public ear has met with increasing success and interest of late, culminating in the debut single "Billie Jean" and accompanying album "In My Head" on national release in late 2005.

The Unchosen Are:

Andy Lee - Lead Guitar
Andy Shaw - Bass and Backing Vocals
Bill Johnson - Drums
Garts - Lead Vocal and Rhythm Guitar

Their musical roots were first planted in adolescence as teenage friends, and while a period of separation due to uni commitments slowed things down, a strong resolution kept them gigging and writing at every chance they could in an effort to keep the music alive. The fans kept coming, the music kept improving, and the bonds remained strong.