The Phil MC Band


The Phil MC Band
are a cool new band from Australia.

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It's Pop!!!

It's Soul!!!

It's 'Stay Tuned'.

It's the new album from
The Phil MC Band!!!

The buzz has already started about this great CD, artist and band.

For Phil MC and The Phil MC Band, "Stay Tuned" is a personal statement that there is more music to come. This is a CD that you will want to play again and again. So, take a listen and buy your copy today!

Get down and get funky on the dance floor!!

From the opening track "It's Alright. It's OK",
to the uptempo "Get Lively" to the soulful
"I Wont Forget You" and the climactic
"The Queen of New York", there is a groove and a feeling for everyone who hears this music.

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The Phil MC Band!!!.