The Lights Shine


Pete Middleton - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Paul Harris - Lead Guitar, backing vocals
Josh Towers - Bass Guitar
Alex Manning - Drums

Artist's Mailing List


Forming in july time 2005 (portsmouth area), we are a 4 piece guitar based band producing indie/rock/alternative style music.
We have tried to include soulful melodies and flowing guitar riffs.

Producing a 5 track disk in late 2005 at a budget studio, we started to get it out to as many contacts as possible and try to get some coverage. We now currently have more songs made or in progress, with gig offers coming more frequently. We hope to record again later this year with our new stuff.

We hope you like our sound and are interested in coming to see us sometime. Cheers

this is our official site and shall be up and running shortly. Please visit here for more up to date information on us.