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I'm currantly working on my very first album. it's based around the old skool jazz era of Hip-Hop that seems to have been almost forgotten. There's a good line up of emcees for the album from all corners of the country and the states. It's going to be called The Prohibition of the 1990's

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Self taught HipHop producer and DJ. Has worked with a number of heads from all over britain and the states. With a very distinctive style of production focused heavily on the classic style of sample cutting and dropping. He is the founder of FolkLore Records a small northwest based label putting out a steady flow HipHop and Dance for public consumption. Aswell as this hes part of the masses which is a five plus group of beatboxers and DJs. For more on FaceLess visit myspace page and listen to more from The FaceLess DJ and all the FolkLore Family