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There is a world where all sound is music and all dreams are possible. It can be reached by every living being. Chillum, citizen of the omniverse, ultra-eccentric hippy, was on a breezy, pipe-smoking excursion, looking for his cat. He knew this was a fairly pointless exercise because the cat, like most cats, often went pretty well wherever he wanted. But still, he felt like a wander, and he had a decent novel to finish reading just incase there was any particularly awesome trees to rest under. Then, not really suddenly, or if it was, Chillum was too laid back to notice, The Omneye appeared. Watcher of everything, overseer of the balance of what is cool and what is simply not, the giant, omnidimensional eye ball thing communicated his news to him.

'I've found him, ' it said.

'Where,' answered Chillum.

'Over there somewhere, ' The Omneye didn't indicate, being just an eye and having nothing to indicate with.

'Cheers mate, yeah, that's right helpful of you, ' replied Chillum,