The Crooked Clown Boyz


"Come one, come all, to the Hack & Slash Carnival. If you don't like us? We bang you up fool!!"

The CCB are back. God save your loved ones.

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The Crooked Clown Boyz are a sick, twisted rap duo who love hurting babies. They are the founders of the Hack & Slash Carnival, AKA The Gore-Circus, a horrible festival based around murder music with a circus theme.

They first started in 2004, as Mad Clown Disease (MCD) Which originally had 3 members, but one of them left and they changed their name to The Psycho Clown Brothers, (PCB) and planned to write an album called My Carnival Disease, in memory of MCD.

They went through various names, such as Cannibis Clown Brothers, Devil Clown Boyz and more. They eventually settled for Crooked Clown Boyz in 2007.

Althugh this group only emerged in 2004, Reidus the Clown, the frontman, began solo in 2003 when the woman he loved broke his heart. It is this womans surname, that he named himself after. The other member of CCB is Giggle-Chopz Tha Klown, often shortened to just Giggle-Chopz.

CCB dissapeared in 2005, leaving people to believe they would never return. They were wrong..