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The Buzz - Spiky female stomp rock band with a dark twist. Read the latest news, listen to the latest tracks all from this unstoppable band.

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The Buzz formed in September of 2004 combining ex-members from punk rock bands Bugeye and Malowski. Since forming, the band have spent the past few months writing and recording an explosive set of their own blend of stomp rock songs with a dark twist.

Newly recorded tracks: See The Light, Damaged Goods, Chemical Love and Unintended Love Song (Why So Sad) bring together a mixture of highs and lows on a rollercoaster ride of love, alcohol and drug abuse, and the feeling of never quite fitting in.

"We write about life as it happens, both good and bad with a hope that people can relate to it, which I'm sure if anyone out there has ever messed up, been in or out of love, high as a kite, or ever just felt different, misunderstood somehow, will know where we're coming from" - Angela.

The Buzz are a London based band but will be gigging across the UK in 2005. Their live shows promise to be a mixture of high energy rock with aggressive over tones, and emotive sweetness that will leave