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The autumn of 2003 saw the formation of the Beggar's Lake and from the outset the band aspired to draw on their eclectic range of musical influences. The melting pot this produced mixes a number of musical styles - from rock n' roll to pop and from country to blues. Whether it's acoustic or full on rock and roll, the band have an edgy, almost reckless sound. Strong melodies, powerful rhythms and strong social commentary are characteristics of The Beggars Lake unique sound. The Beggars Lake have proved to be a formidable live act with various headline shows throughout Scotland and some impressive supports to a diverse range of acts including Black, Amsterdam, Nick Armstrong and The Thieves, and recently supported The Grim Northern Social at King Tuts. In the short time the band have been together, they have built up a strong and loyal following. This year, the band entered the studio to record their debut demo EP entitled 'Sleeping Dogs' with lead track Suzie the perfect showcase of the